20 Signs He Really Is Just That Into You

Thought Catalog

twenty20_68c15700-8d9a-42de-abf4-80ce3abe60221. You don’t worry when he doesn’t text you back immediately because he makes you feel confident enough not to. So he’s busy. Who gives?

2. You never have to wonder whether it’s “too soon” to text him back, knowing in your heart that no one’s keeping track.

3. He genuinely wants to hear from you, and he lets you know it. Your togetherness is so effortless, you can’t believe you ever bothered with the typical am-I-being-too-available dating nonsense.

4. You haven’t bothered with the is-he-or-isn’t-he-a-player back and forth, either. Even if he was one at some point—according to the oh-so-reliable grapevine, of course—it doesn’t really matter. You don’t feel threatened by his dating history, or any rumors. Whatever’s blossoming between you makes that stuff moot.

5. Dating “games” suddenly seem like a thing of the past. Looking back, you can’t believe what you once put up with.


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