SOCIAL MEDIA nowadays plays a very vital role in disseminating news and information to the public. Different broadcasting and media companies embraced this as effective tool in bringing fresh, timely and up to date news all over the world.

We are now in technology driven society era wherein different gadgets like smartphones rise in the market and are now considered to be a necessity. It is so much easier especially because it’s handy. 

If you missed a news on television or you don’t have time to buy and read a newspaper, the solution is absolutely there. You can still get updated by means of browsing the internet particularly social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Aside from this, ordinary people can also be a part of giving news. A simple photo or video of what’s happening in their community, like heavy rains or floods can really help a lot in providing relevant news. It is also a roadmap for netizens to be heard and participate in disseminating news and information in easiest way.


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