Why men suffer just as much as women

My Own Thoughts

Let me be clear at the outset of this post. I believe in equality for women and fully support them pretty much everywhere I encounter them.

That being said, men suffer just as much, just in different ways. I have a few pictures that I think will serve to begin to make my point.


Now, here’s another picture to admire.


Whoah. Wait. You mean it’s not okay for older men to obsess over younger girls?

But it’s okay for older women to obsess over younger boys?

Ahhhh right, I nearly forgot. A man is supposed to be a go-getter, we’re supposed to be able to get anything we want, including the girls. This chart should explain the societal feelings of sex between men and women.

Sex Double Standards

Now, wait a second. Just because a guy doesn’t have sex means that he’s a loser? Well according to most people, that’s exactly the case…

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