My SuperbestMOM! :)


(Newsroom is so quiet, coz it’s saturday, most people are not here,  then suddenly my mom pops in my head, so I wrote about this)

 I love my mom so much.

She’s so wonderful! A gift from GOD.

She’s more than a hero, she’s more than a best friend, she’s more than a supporter, she’s more than a lover, a sister. She’s more than anything. She’s my LIFE.

There’s so much thing I loved about her.

I love our mother and daughter relationship.

Yeah. Most of the time we fight, we argue about big, small and even stupid things, she may judged some of my decisions but in the end I know that she’s there for me, guiding me in whatever path I take.

I know that nobody pisses me off like she does but I love her from the bottom of my heart.

I love her in everything she does for us. She’s so amazing! So thankful and grateful for all that she does and how much she cares.

My mom is a strong woman, not because she can bend the iron but because she can do everything for us in her magical way.

My mom definitely know exactly what to tell so we can I understand things the way it should be.

“Mother Knows Best”is the truest statement I’ve ever heard, because that’s how my mom is. She knows what’s best for us.

She has this power in doing things better.

She’s expert in everything.

I love her positive spirit towards everything. She always gave me an aura of positivity whenever feeling so down and helpless.

She’s so supportive and always encourages me and my siblings to do our best in whatever we do and that we can make it.

When the world turns down, she can lift it up!Through thick & thin, ups and downs or roller coaster way she’s always been there.

I adore and respect her. Im addicted to her unconditional love.

I couldn’t ask for a better mother because I have the most beautiful, amazing, wonderful, caring, funny, thoughtful, strong, and remarkable mom in the entire world.

I can’t even imagine a life without her. I will always have so much love for my mom.

I want to turn into a wonderful person just like my mother and it’s really nice to know that I have the potential somewhere in my genetics to possibly one day be as wonderful as her 🙂




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