Living Example of Kim Possible

There are so many inevitable challenges that life has to offer. More often than not, people are faced with so many adversaries everyday. Amidst all these facts about life, has anyone asked: ‘ Is there a better ending for this bitter journey?’

Well I would say that people are just blinded with dark reality. Our eyes are already used seeing the dim spot, which is why our neck is stiffed when we try to turn and search for the light. That should not happen, for we are humans- the smartest of all creations, thus we are knowledgeable enough to fight and overcome any certain circumstances.

Walking in the narrow hallway of the school, I met this lonesome girl sitting in a chair close to the door of her room. She opens her book and tries to study on her own. Her eyes looked pale but her lips are curved to a sweet smile, like an angel that captures my mortality. I went passed her but was suddenly pulled by this force, asking me to sit with her and talk even for a bit of time. SO I DID.

I invited her to come over with me to have a conversation with her at the cafeteria. At first I thought she would refuse to accept it, but I was wrong. She responded in a friendly way and that made me feel comfortable to ask all the questions in my mind.

I looked at MARY ANN BERNANDINO’s eyes and found answers to my questions. She is not after all a lonely girl in the corner of the room; she is in fact a hopeful one, waiting to be noticed.

Looking at her, I could tell that she’d been through so many obstacles in life. However, as I can see, I know she had overcome all these trials thrown by life. She is not the same as some other ladies in the campus. She may be judged, bullied or ignored when first seen, she may be treated badly but I am about to reveal the mystery that wraps her personality.

Have you ever tried to imagine a scenario like this– ‘one night you slept and woke up finally noticing that you only have one leg left? That you can no longer play hide and seek with your playmates, can no longer run or even dance?’

Fresh in her memories, she was crossing a street when she was struck by a rushing vehicle. She was young little girl at the age of six when she came across an accident that tremendously changed her life forever. She never dreamt of being disabled before that. It came to her  once, asking the Creator as to why of all people she was chosen to go through difficulties; but life as we know it we can never predict what is going to happen tomorrow.

She was very young and instead of spending a wonderful day outside, playing with other joyous kids, she’s stuck in the middle of somewhere reminiscing everything that happened to her. Unlike everyone else, she;s one of those unfortunate ones who never experienced pleasure in their childhood years.

She was never happy, until one day she finally found a motivation to come out of her shell and face the truth. She holds on to the fact that nothing is impossible when you believe that you can do anything. She worked so hard to see the more positive side of life. Even if a lot of people are treating her so badly, she never gave up. Though sometimes she feels insecure because of her disability, still she never loses hope, knowing that someday she will be waking everyone else regarding their wrong perspectives in life.

She is very lively and jolly person; that is her fellow students in Information Technology Department describe her . She is a living example of ‘KIM POSSIBLE’– for her everything is DO-able as long as a person has the enthusiasm and perseverance to go on and try.

Her inspirations to go on : her parents and loving friends. She believes that “…God will not give you a burden that you cannot carry..” She knows that someday she can achiever her dreams; therefore will not stop working hard until that day comes.

You probably know her very well. Some of you most likely have never lean an eye on her, well that is so unfortunate- for one must see just how wonderful of a person she is. She gives life a totally different meaning. She is an inspiration that this world is waiting for. She is a living example of a person who is motivated by faith and love.

FAITH that her disability is not a hindrance in attaining her goals and LOVE for everything she does. Yes, she’s missing one leg but she has stronger personality than those who have more than she has. She’s probably weak physically, but her strength is from deep within.

One should learn from her for she was educated by many trials and pains of life.



(photo grabbed from her facebook)


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