Friday the 13th. Who cares?

I don’t believe that bad things will happen when a day falls into friday the 13th’ not even this certain day brings misfortune!
Anyway I arrived early in the office today with an empty stomach and empty wallet. 😀 I directly went to finance office to get my salary. The ‘PILA” si so haba! 😀
After that we did some ninja moves with my officemates! 🙂 Ate Pickles with his boyfie Mark, Ate April and Fritz. We walked from office to Visayas. We can’t decide where to eat and what to eat. (forever dilemma) 😀
Roller Coaster! We decided to eat at Mcdonalds. All time favorite and maasahan all the time. hahahaha.
Really nice hanging out with them! Had a happy breakfast and happy tummy!  Lots of kwentuhan and tawanan 🙂 
HAHAHAHA! I took them a STOLEN SHOT! 🙂 That’s the reason why I’m secretly laughing awhile back hahahaha! PEACE!
You all look good naman here e 🙂 I love you guise! XOXO
That morning scenario ended with BACK TO WORK! HELL-O NEWSROOM! 🙂
PS: I had a wonderful morning because of them. 🙂

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